【LP】 Calexico / Carried To Dust

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ジャンル: ロック
フォーマット: LP
組み枚数: 1
発売日: 2008年09月09日
カタログNo: 20108
発売国: US
SKU: 2776890


曲目1.Victor Jara's Hands / 2.Two Silver Trees / 3.News About William, The / 4.Sarabande In Pencil Form / 5.Writer's Minor Holiday / 6.Man Made Lake / 7.Inspiracion / 8.House Of Valparaiso / 9.Slowness / 10.Bend To The Road / 11.El Gatillo (Trigger Revisited) / 12.Fractured Air (Tornado Watch) / 13.Falling From Sleeves / 14.Red Blooms / 15.Contention City

ანაზღაურებადი სტაჟირება სტუდენტებისთვის სხვადასხვა დეპარტამენტში
June 17
14:28 2017
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