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ジャンル: ロック
フォーマット: CD
組み枚数: 2
発売日: 2012年05月07日
カタログNo: 642
発売国: HOL
その他: デジパック, リマスター, リイシュー, デラックスエディション, 1967
SKU: 4979209


曲目Disc1:1.(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me / 2.Something I Want To Tell You / 3.Feeling Lonely / 4.Happy Boys Happy / 5.Things Are Going To Get Better / 6.My Way Of Giving / 7.Green Circles / 8.Become Like You / 9.Get Yourself Together / 10.All Our Yesterdays / 11.Talk To You / 12.Show Me The Way / 13.Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire / 14.Eddie's Dreaming / 15.Here Come The Nice / 16.Itchycoo Park / 17.I'm Only Dreaming / 18.Tin Soldier / 19.I Feel Much Better / 20.(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me (Alternate Mix) / 21.Eddie's Dreaming (Alternative Mix) /

ანაზღაურებადი სტაჟირება სტუდენტებისთვის სხვადასხვა დეპარტამენტში
June 17
14:28 2017
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