【CD輸入】 Todd Rundgren トッドラングレン / Todd

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ジャンル: ロック
フォーマット: CD
組み枚数: 1
発売日: 2014年05月19日
カタログNo: EDSA5029
発売国: UK
SKU: 5758880


曲目1.How About A Little Fanfare? / 2.I Think You Know / 3.The Spark Of Life / 4.An Elpee's Worth Of Toons / 5.A Dream Goes On Forever / 6.Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song / 7.Drunken Blue Rooster / 8.The Last Ride / 9.Everybody's Going To Heaven / King Kong Reggae / 10.No. 1 Lowest Common Denominator / 11.Useless Begging / 12.Sidewalk Café / 13.Izzat Love? / 14.Heavy Metal Kids / 15.In And Out The Chakras We Go (formerly - Shaft Goes To Outer Space) / 16.Don't You Ever Learn? / 17.Sons Of 1984 / 18.Ooh Baby Baby [live broadcast on WMMR - FM, 30th Ju

ანაზღაურებადი სტაჟირება სტუდენტებისთვის სხვადასხვა დეპარტამენტში
June 17
14:28 2017
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