Hidayath Syed

Hidayath Syed may not have been in the Real Estate industry for very long but he has definitely taken it by storm, listing more than 20 properties in his first 7 months. With over 14 years of sale
experience, Hidayath made the decision to bring his skills with him to Ace Real Estate where he would start his career as a sales executive, delivering an unmatched level of service to his clients.

He has some of the best negotiation skills in the industry and will work to his full capacity to achieve a great outcome for his clients. He understands that selling your home is not a decision that comes lightly, especially when the property has sentimental value, this is why Hidayath takes a different approach when he is assisting his clients and assessing their needs. Let’s not forget his personal record for selling a property in only 15 minutes!! Not many agents can compare to that efficiency.

If you have any questions about selling or listing your property please contact Hidayath Syed. He will achieve the very best for you and your family.