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Claire (NSW)

Claire (NSW)
May 4, 2017

Great communicator, persistant and always keeps you updated even after the honeymoon period is over

I was very impressed with Shahid, rather unlike the other agents we had dealt with, (and we had tried a few other the course of trying to get my vacant land sold) What I like about Shahid is that he is honest and treats you like a real person, not a sales transaction or a commission and that is refreshing from any salesperson or real estate agent. I think this is because Shahid has a long term view.

Now let me preference our scenario – I am an interstate customer, I am not a local, in fact, I have never met Shahid but based on the service and care I would have no problem recommending him to anyone looking to sell (or buy) a property.

Shahid is persistent. On a number of occasions, we had had the land under offer and the purchasers could not get approval /finance. We had been down this road on a few occasions and the other agents seemed to give up finding it hard, or not knowing how to work their database and contacts, if it didn’t seem to sell in the first two months of the property being listed they seemed to lose interest and then the property become stale and the communication strained.
I think some other agents may start out thinking it’s easy, but then when things get a bit tough and some real work is required they just move on – not good when selling.

Shahid was not like this at all! His professionalism stayed the course and that is what you want when you are trusting your investment to someone else, you want someone who has substance, someone who really works as a partner to you.

Shahid and ACE Realty may not have a lot of exposure and a brand name in the marketplace like some large national agencies but what they do seem to get right is good old fashioned values; respect, honesty, empathy and open communication. Add to that they have a competitive fee structure too.

Don’t overlook Shahid – he is a gem and I wish him every success.

Claire Mahomet