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Sheng and Angela Ng

Sheng and Angela Ng
March 3, 2015

We were trying to sell our property back in November 2011 when we upgraded to a bigger property. This property was listed with two of the most reputable agents exclusively for 120 days each. We had many viewers but were given few verbal offers which were $50,000 below our asking price. We then painfully paid thousands of dollars in advertising cost and took it off the market. We decided to keep property for rental.

28 Kaye Crescent Laverton 6 months later, Susan Ward from ACE REAL ESTATE approached us to sell our property. We knew that she had just joined ACE real estate about two months ago. We could tell that she had good sales skills. However we were not immediately ready to go through another round of open house and disappointments. We gave it some consideration and we decided to give Susan and Ace Real Estate a chance. We were still firm and honest with our asking price.

ACE REAL ESTATE never failed to surprise us. Sales Authority was signed on Monday night, photos taken on Tuesday morning and to our surprise the property was live online and board up within 2 days of signing the REIV agreement. It was scheduled for viewing on Saturday. The number of families walking through the property was not as good. We got a bit worried if we made the right decision to go with a small agent of lesser presence in Point Cook. However Susan and Ace did not fail us. In week 4, to our surprise, we received an offer of unconditional contract of sale. We were shocked. To top it up, the offer was extremely close to our asking price. We were like 10% better off than the previous “verbal offerings” from previous Agents!!

From the experiences above, I began to understand that Professionalism is when Agents took the responsibility to understand the needs of the Sellers and Buyers, and the “home” that they are selling. The job will then be done right. Size and popularity of the agency didn’t matter. The fact is smaller agent is more focused and can provide the personal touch along with customized approach to properties in their listings.

All I can only say is a job well done by SUSAN WARD and the team at ACE REAL ESTATE and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!!