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Olga Kolarik

Olga Kolarik
August 14, 2018

The ACE team have been looking after my late parents’ rental properties for several years now and continue to look after their estate and assist us in any way possible with numerous enquiries and issues. My family and I found the wonderful ACE team and especially our allocated property managers Ms Para Kundu and Ms Pooja Sharma and Ms Neha Sharma very professional, helpful, supportive and always willing and ready to go above and beyond and assist us with anything we needed in relation to any issues related to the rental property management. I am very impressed by the efficiency in replying to all our calls and correspondence and taking immediate action to assist with all our enquiries.
We are very grateful for the great service and would highly recommend to anyone who is after an efficient team that provides great old fashioned customer service where you know who is looking after you and who you need to talk to and you can be sure that all enquires, whether forwarded in person, via email or a text message, will be followed up and completed without further prompting or following up. I prefer to communicate via email or text however I feel that I should thank the team for always assisting my late mother, who often preferred to just drop by and see the girls at the office without making a prior appointment, and whilst I suppose that this may have at times been difficult for the team to find the time to assist her without prior notice, I would like to say a special thanks to everybody for ALWAYS making my Mum feel welcome and always treating her with dignity and respect and taking the time to listen to her concerns and address them as I know that this was very much appreciated by her and that she always felt that she was looked after and that her rental properties were in good hands.